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The Online Ombudsman offers a range of services in the field of consumer relations and complaint management. Our services include advice on and assistance with implementing the Consumer Protection Act, as well as on-site training on the Act tailored to the needs of your organisation. We also provide a dispute resolution service that, unlike formal processes such as the courts, emphases restoring relationships, to the benefit of the participants - customers, businesses or individuals.

OnlineOmbud was formed by long serving Ombudsman and complaint resolution and dispute avoidance specialist, Advocate Neville Melville

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OnlineOmbud strongly encourages persons with complaints or disputes to first attempt to resolve them directly with the other party.

If your complaint against a business remains unresolved, you may approach OnlineOmbud by completing a complaint form

For a business-to-business or interpersonal dispute, please contact us for details of the process and costs.


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